Just steal it … Make it your own

Almost ten years ago I had a friend that made me feel special. She made me a paper crane with something written in it and told me I could open it but I would destroy the crane. I loved the mystery, the beauty and the challenge. I held onto the crane and didn’t open it.

About five years ago the random thought occurred to me as I was writing a prayer on a piece of paper that I could learn how to fold it. I was inspired to take something that made me feel special and make it my own. 

Last week I sent cards to the two winners of my first giveaway. Tucked inside both of the cards was a paper crane. Over the past several years, paper cranes have been my “thing”. I love making them and giving them to people or saving them for myself or my kids. Inside each crane I write a prayer. 

Why do I do this?

It is a way for me to slow my brain down, connect with The Lord and be thoughtful in the things I’m praying.

It makes the person receiving it feel special.

It is fun to do.

It is fun (for me) to open an old crane and remember what was on my heart at the time.

When I read a prayer that was answered it makes me want to pray bigger prayers.

When you receive a paper crane with something written inside, unless you know how to fold it or plan on going to YouTube or Pinterest to figure it out, you have a choice to make. You can unfold it right away and read the prayer or you can keep it as a crane and wait for the the right moment to open it. My friends have kept them for months and some have still never been opened. My husband doesn’t care about the crane at all, the instant it is in his hand it is opened.

Part of the fun of discovering who you are is taking ideas, wisdom, and actions and making them your own. It’s art, creativity, connecting with people, love and action. 

Today I wanted to share with you some people who inspire me regularly. I steal from them, learn from them and, in a way, they have become part of what makes me who I am. 

Some of my current goals and areas I’m working on are writing, marriage, motherhood, spirituality, friendships, finances and health. The people below are individuals I follow because of their excellent content, audacious life and are people I want to steal from and discover how to make things my own. 

Jeff Goins is an author of several books, a blogger, world traveler and so many more things. He inspires me to blog and to live my story. I had the privilege  of going on a trip with him and several people in Guatemala.

Renee Ronika Klug is so special to me. Our relationship began in a coffee shop and she became my mentor, then my friend and will always be my church family. There is no one like Renee and she inspires me to embrace the unique woman God has made me to be. I had the privilege of watcher her dreams birth into something beautiful. She is a writer, college professor, wife, mother and the founder of Prism Women – one of the best community of women I know. 

Nicole Cotrell is a friend and part of our church family back in Arizona. I was able to catch the tail end of her blog Modern Reject and am now watching her start her own business as CEO and founder of Love & Startups. She inspires me to be bold and seek God wholeheartedly in marriage, parenting, and many other ways. She and her husband started an organic church in their home. Eric and I would love to take what we have learned from them and make it our own someday.

Dave Ramsey – the money guy. Eric and I have been budgeting the Ramsey way. Our money envelopes are named Dave Ramsey. What I love about his method is that it is simple and I’ve learned so much that I want to share it with others. I want to see people set free from the bondage of debt and money stresses. I hope someday to help others in this area. 

Genevieve aka Mama Natural. I stumbled across her blog when I saw a video sh*t crunchy mamas say on YouTube. When I’m wanting advice on all natural parenting I go to her blog. A lot of the information I receive from her blog leads me to research and make the best decisions on health for my family and me.

All of these people also have similar beliefs as I do which only adds to the long list of ways they inspire me. 

Check out the links and see if you get inspired, or find people other link-minded people who inspire you.

Who inspires you? Feel free to share links. 

Last week I also won a give away! I received some beautiful postcards. To continue with my writing goal for this month I would love to write to you. If you are interest in receiving a post card leave a comment about something you are working on (a goal, big or small) and send me your mailing address at bionicwoman03@gmail.com. Make sure to let me know you are emailing me so I can keep an eye out for it. 


5 thoughts on “Just steal it … Make it your own

  1. I read on Nerd Fitness the other day, about a challenge to walk 1 mile every day, a small but manageable goal. I accepted the challenge and on Tuesday, I did it and really enjoyed it! I determined that this is indeed a manageable goal and am certain I can pull it off. Then I slept again, woke up this morning and forgot to walk a mile. Disappointment leads to determination! I now have a poster on my wall, an alarm on my phone and my clothes for walking all laid out because even good goals need some support until they become a habit. (You’ve got my numba!)


  2. Wow! Thank you, friend. I am so honored! I will say that YOU inspire me. The way you choose to love, serve, give, and glorify Jesus everyday in the midst of pain and even exhaustion is inspiring. You are a woman after God’s own heart. I’m thankful that I know you!


  3. Thank you Nicole! Your comment made my day! I’m truly excited to see where Love and Startups goes and Prism too. Sending you our love and prayers!


  4. Sheila,

    Thank you so much for honoring me as you did. When I read this, I had been having the most discouraging day, and the Lord used your comment to remind me of his promises and his presence, so thank you, friend.

    Like Nicole said, you inspire me, as well, to keep on. I admire your positive attitude in the midst of pain; I love watching your family grow. Most of all, I love seeing you contented. And I like that you’re making goals. Go.

    I love and miss you, too. Hurry back, soon!


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