I reciently had an epiphinay. I am a writer. Some who know me may remember me having this epiphany years ago. Is it still an epiphany if you’ve already experienced it?

I’m not a writer because I’m good at it and can captivate a reader with my brilliant wording of profound thoughts. I don’t get paid for it.  In all actuality, I haven’t written anything in a long time.

The thing is, when you realize something about yourself that requires an action, you have to DO something about it. I quit doing. Over the years I wrote less and less. I reached a point where the only thing I wrote were text messages and poorly auto-corrected Instagram posts. Sad.

The past few years are full of life that I wish I had captured in print. They have been a few of the most exciting yet most trying years I have walked on this earth – church planting, surgeries, church plant ending, dating, trying home church, moving, getting engaged, moving again, getting married, being pregnant, abruptly couch surfing, moving to a different state, having a baby and going to school. 

I’ve honestly had a difficult time adjusting to my new roles, circumstances and locations. My mother told me I needed to bloom where I was transplanted but instead of thriving I feel shriveled and thirsty. I’ve lost myself somewhere along the way. 

I lost myself because I abandoned who I am – a writer. 

I’m ready to plunge into that first step of catharsis and creativity. I’m ready to take root and be refreshed! I’m going to start with what I know.

When God speaks to me, I’ll journal.

When I pray, I’ll make lists and cranes (I’ll explain later).

When I want to show someone love and feel connected, I’ll snail mail.

When I fight with my husband I’ll write in my gratitude journal and remember love wins.

And, when I feel inspired, I’ll blog.

This leads me to my goal for June: just write something. 


Since January I have been making a different goal each month. Some I accomplished, some I temporarly failed. Some of these goals led Eric and I to de-clutter and redisign our bedroom, complete the Whole 30, and for me to focus on school, to name a few. 

Now we are in June and my goal, once again, is to write. Here are the specifics:

Each day I just want to write something. Anything. A prayer, card, blog post, love letter… Anything. 

I want to interact with fellow goal-setters through my writing. I will do it by setting up a blog site (check), setting up an Instagram (check), writing blogs (check), and sending snail mail. 

Bring it on June!

Now I’d like to hear from you! What are some of your current goals? What are you doing to reach them?

If you would like to be entered for a chance to receive some snail mail from me leave a comment bellow. On Friday I’ll announce two lucky people who can give me their address and expect a little something special in their mailbox next week! 

– Sheila 


8 thoughts on “Just.Write.Something. 

  1. Sheila, this is incredible and so amazing. My goal this was to write my book and no how far I’ve gotten in 6 months? maybe two pages. I like that you said temporarily fail- because It still leaves room for achievement to happen. I am so proud of you, the past years have been crazy, I was so sad when I heard you felt shriveled up but in your writing I saw you come out again. A fighter. I know your middle name and I know it isn’t spelt like Dawn but I think it is a part of you. Dawn is the first appearance of light in the sky before the sun breaks out and lights the earth. That hope of the sun coming. You have always carried that strength in you that God had created in you to be the first to start shedding light on everything. You may not see it, and that is okay but you are an inspiration to everyone and this blog is going to inspire so many people, even if thats not the sole purpose behind it! PS snail mail me please!!!!!!


  2. Hope!
    It brings me so much joy that you feel inspired. Shaena told me once that you never fail until you give up. That has stuck with me.

    Thank you for what you said about dawn. I feel very hopeful about this new season of life. I already feel more like my self.

    I am looking forward to hearing more about your book! Love you!


  3. I remember the first time you said you are a writer and how happy I was for you to discover this about yourself. Nothing has changed. I still delight in reading your posts and look forward to more random acts of writing. No matter when, they are always a joy to read. Thanks for renewing your commitment to write. Keep it up! Love you!


  4. I am in love with this idea! I’m so happy and excited for you in this place of writing/collaborating and furthering your personal journey to self discovery!


  5. Thank you Tracie! I’m ready for it! How about you? What goals are you working on now? I think you are always working towards something and your excitement is contagious!


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